Complimentary IPL Rosacea Treatment

January 22, 2020

     We are offering one intense pulsed light rosacea treatment to the first person who calls! 


     Rosacea presents as prominent redness of the nose, forehead, mid-cheeks, and chin. This treatment utilizes light of special wavelengths to target the tiny blood vessels in the skin. 


     A consultation is required before treatment for anyone who has yet to receive this treatment at Randolph Dermatology. Patients must be considered a good candidate to receive this treatment. The promotion begins Monday, January 13th, 2020 at 9:30 AM (opening time). Appointments must be scheduled with a live receptionist. Messages left with the answering service will not be returned. Finally, patients who have participated in similar promotions within the last three months are not eligible for this program.



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