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Skin Cancer Prevention



     Skin cancer prevention is important year round!  Sunscreen is one option we can utilize, and Consumer Reports has updated their sunscreen ratings for 2020.  Nicotinamide (also called niacinamide) a form of vitamin B3, may also reduce our risk for developing skin cancer.  

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"The Skinny on Skin"
by Dr. David Najarian, MD

     The Skinny on Skin is the first comprehensive dermatology guide intended for the general public and beginning practitioners.  It includes more than 100 articles on skin conditions and their medical, cosmetic, and surgical treatment in language patients will understand.  The essays are illustrated with more than 150 color photographs.

See a book review published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology

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Fun Fact


It's Fall!  Looking forward to the change in colors. Enjoy!

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